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We aim to build an authentic community of partners who are passionate about our brand. From affiliate commission to gifting, we offer tons of perks when you’re working with us. Apply today to become part of our creator community, if you have over 2,000 fans of any of your social account!

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What you can get from us?

1. FREE products:
You can pick products that you like from our "Collabs Newwork" program, and we will send it to you, these all for free.
2. Commission on every sale:
You can earn a commission on every sale.
2% for wholesale products in "US Local Wholesale" collection;
12% for retial products in "Retail" collection.

How it works?

Step 1. Join our "Collabs Network".
Step 2. Apply for 30% discount products online.
Step 3. We send out the products to you.
Step 4. You create a video post or a blog post with our products. Video post (not a live stream) on your social account need to add tag '#MarytonPerks'; Blog post need to link to the product pages. 
Then, post it to platfoams that you had told us when you join our collabs network.
Step 5. Send your video post link, or Blog post link to our via email, so that we can see where is it, and be sure it is published, then, we will refund total cost of order to you. 
Step 6. Earn a commission on every sale from your post if you have added the Affiliate link from this Collabs Network.

What you need to do?

Step 1. Join our "Collabs Network", apply discount products and wait to receive products from us (general needs 10-20 days).
Step 2. You create a video post, or a blog post with our products on your social platform(not review on our website).
Video post, or photograph post need to add tag '#MarytonPerks';
Blog post need to link to the product pages. Then, send your video post link, or Blog post link to us via email


Please create your post as request after received the products, and sent the post link to us, so we can track it.
If the post haven't been published as request in 30 days after you receive products, you will not receive the refund of your order from us.

Finally, let's enjoy the creations from our creators.

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